Football fan – Microwave heating/cooling pad 20x20cm with a complimentary storage bag


You will score with this one!!!
Pad is made in fun football print. My Match of the day tribute. Great present for fathers,  brothers, grandfathers and husbands!! Can be used as both heating and cooling pad. When warm, it provides heat comfort that will help relieve muscle pain, cramps, arthritic conditions, joint pains, menstrual discomfort and more. The moist heat, that is released by warm pits will penetrate your muscles easier. On daily basis it can be used to warm your feet, hands and also as a bed warmer.
When cooled in the freezer it gives out gentle coldness, that is particularly helpful to soothe tooth aches and muscle inflammation, sport injury or just cool your body on very hot days.

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Cherry pit pad is made from a cotton fabric and  is lovely to touch and handle.

Pad can be both easily heated in the microwave oven or cooled in the freezer. One side of the pad is padded to improve heating performance and softer to apply on the body.


-makes a fantastic and safe bed warmer, especially for children and elderly /not suitable for children younger then 3 years old without adult supervision/

-works wonders as hand , feet and body warmer during the cold spells or after long cold walk

-will help to relieve muscle and joint pains, intestinal and menstrual cramps to name just a few

-the moist heat that is released from the cherry pits is particularly helpful to ease arthritic conditions

– pits also diffuse faint calming cherry scent

-the loose pits inside the pad will mould to any body shape and can be used at the same time  for a gentle massage


-cooled pad will help to reduce inflammation, calm tooth aches or be applied to sport injuries

-cools you down during hot nights


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