I just had to write and let you know how wonderful I think your cherry pit pads are. I’ve been using a hot water bottle to sooth neck pain for such a long time and your pads are so much better – they sit comfortably and are the perfect temperature to provide relief.


About Us

Welcome to my store!  My family has been using Cherry pits pads over many years. I was introduced to the beauty of this product many years ago by a relative from Austria. Soon my children developed bedtime routine, heating their pads and taking them to their beds to warm up. As someone who is constantly troubled by cold hands and feet, I became quickly addicted. Finally, I found something that is quick and easy to heat and use. There is no more waiting for hot water to boil or let litres of water go down the drain before it starts running hot enough to fill the bottle. There is no danger of scolding my hands while filling it and no danger of leaks in the bed or burning. cherry-pip-bags The pad is versatile help in relieving heath issues requiring either heat or cold compress. Ranging from menstruation cramps, stiff neck, tummy aches or cooling down inflammation. I love to heat my cherry pad before I sit in front of TV in the evening and often take it in my study when I work on my computer. With the heating bills ever increasing , it just does the job.

 I would like to share the wonderfull  properties of Cherry pits pads with you and created a wide collection of pads in 5 different sizes.


10 x 10cm

4′ x 4′


20 x 20cm

8′ x 8′


20 x 30cm

8′ x 12′


15 x 50cm

6′ x 20′


The pads can also be customised to any shape and size.
 All sizes are offered in in lovely patterns that would be attractive to both adults and children.
The pads are manufactured only from natural products and are environmentlally friendly. We use 100% cotton fabrics and specially cleaned cherry pits.

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